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Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control

The Piano Lifesaver System

The Piano Life Saver is a piano humidity control system. It stabilizes your piano, helping it to stay in tune longer and prevents damage from climate and environmental effects, giving you professional performance level tonal quality and keyboard control.

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How the System Works


Piano tuners, technicians and major piano manufacturers recommend installing the Piano Life Saver System for care and maintenance of your piano’s internal parts, improved keyboard control, and enhanced pitch stability. The System keeps piano humidity levels consistent by activating the Dehumidifier during highly humid conditions, and when the environment gets too dry, the Humidifier replaces moisture inside the piano.

The System is truly a lifesaver for piano care & maintenance, tuning, and combating dry or humid conditions that cause costly damage to your piano. Protect your investment by having our piano climate control system installed out of sight, inside your piano. Professional installation is required for warranty coverage.


Benefits of the Piano Life Saver for Piano Tuning, Keys & Keyboards, Piano Care and Maintenance

The system provides a consistent climate, keeping the humidity level constant year round in any climate or environment. The Piano Life Saver is installed out of sight, inside the piano. Models are available for Grand Pianos, Baby Grands, and Upright pianos.

The Piano Life Saver System…

Inside the Piano
  • Helps the piano to hold its tuning better between regular tunings
  • Minimizes the expansion and contraction of action parts in grand and upright pianos  providing improved touch and keyboard control
  • Prevents rust on the strings and other metal parts
  • Minimizes felt deterioration, reducing the harsh tones that come from flattened hammer felt in low humidity or the muffled tones from swollen hammer felt in high humidity
  • Minimizes glue failure which can happen throughout the piano
  • Protects your investment year after year

How the Piano Life Saver System works

How the System Works

The Piano Life Saver System is made up of basic components which work together to control internal piano humidity levels, maintaining the recommended relative humidity and climate no matter what the external conditions are.

Employing a cycling action, the Humidistat is calibrated to create a controlled environment within the piano, producing a narrow range of average humidity. When the Humidistat, located less than an inch from the soundboard, senses that the wood is dry, it turns the piano Humidifier on.

Then, when the Humidifier has provided enough moisture to the soundboard, the Humidistat turns off the Humidifier and turns on the Dehumidifier. The piano Dehumidifier carries moisture away from the soundboard on air currents until the Humidistat senses that the soundboard is dry. The System then switches back to the humidifying function. The cycle continues day after day, year after year, protecting your piano from external conditions.

Buying a piano?

If you are buying a new piano, keep your piano “like new” by installing the Piano Life Saver System now. Protect the piano’s investment value by preventing cracks and splits from fluctuating humidity. With the System, the piano will stay on pitch constantly. That means, the tuner will only need to do a fine tuning of the piano and will not need to do a time-consuming pitch correction before he can begin the fine tuning. Your piano can be tuned much more quickly saving you money with every tuning. In this way, the System quickly pays for itself!

If you are buying a used piano, optimize keyboard responsiveness and enhance pitch stability with the Piano Life Saver System. As mentioned above, when the pitch is stabilized, the tuner will only need to do a fine tuning of the piano and will not need to do a time-consuming pitch correction before he can begin the fine tuning. For this reason, the System saves you money with each tuning.

Selling a piano?

If you are selling a piano, you’ll get a much better price by advertising that there is a Piano Life Saver System already installed in the piano. Installing the System proves the piano is greatly valued and has been well-maintained during its life. It’s the same as buying a used car that has been well-maintained with frequent oil changes. When you install a System in your piano, the buyer will choose your piano instead of a similar piano advertised without a System.

Grand System:

The Grand Piano Humidity Control System

The Piano Life Saver System is silent and installed out-of-sight inside your piano. Each Piano Life Saver System carries a 5-Year Guarantee which can only be activated by having the System installed by a piano technician.

Grand Piano Installation

Grand Piano Humidity Control System

The Piano Life Saver System as seen from beneath a Grand Piano


Dehumidifier: when humidity levels rise, it distributes moisture away from your piano using warm air currents.

Humidistat: this is the brain of the System sensing whether the wooden parts of your piano are too moist or too dry and automatically switching the System to function as a Dehumidifier or Humidifier.  This protects your piano from damage caused by changes in humidity.

Humidifier: moisturizes the dry wood of your piano when the humidity drops.  A low water warning light indicates when the Humidifier needs additional water; refilling the Humidifier is simple and easy.

3-Light LED Panel: features a green light marked POWER to indicate the System has electrical power and a yellow light marked WATER which blinks when the Humidifier needs water. If the System includes the optional Smart Bracket on the Humidifier tank, the red light marked PADS will blink when the pads are no longer wicking water, indicating they should be replaced.

Watering Tube: allows you to provide water to the Humidifier when the yellow light on the 3-Light LED Panel indicates a need for water.