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Insurance Loss/Damage

Damage & Insurance Loss

Chicago Piano Service has extensive experience in the repair of pianos.  It is quite common for pianos to be damaged in delivery, by natural disasters including large storms, lightning strikes, fire, water, smoke, vandalism and under many other adverse conditions.  We offer expert cleaning, repair, touch up or complete refinishing, major and minor repairs  as needed or complete piano restoration for damaged pianos.

If your piano has been damaged and you would like to consult a professional regarding repairs please contact Jeffrey Cappelli,  owner of Chicago Piano Service Inc.  Jeffrey can be reached at 708-771-8388 (office) or 708-772-8282 (cellular for emergencies).

Our team can arrange for a prompt evaluation of the piano and the pick-up of the instrument in the case of immediate action or storage.

Damage appraisals and insurance estimates can also be arranged for.  Please call if we may be of service in the restoration of your piano.

Common piano damages include:

  • Water from overhead leaks or broken pipes
  • Fire and smoke damages from house or other fires
  • Moving damages from transport
  • Broken piano legs or piano fall from leg break
  • Torn pedal lyre or damaged pedals
  • Top damages from candles or water from vases of flowers
  • Drink spills
  • Inscription of words into finish or other act of vandalism
  • A drop of any kind
  • Pet damages