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Piano Cleaning

Pianos become dirty because of exposure to the atmosphere, indoor pollution from cooking oils, smoke, pet dander, spills and other accidents. It is normal for a piano to need cleaning after some period of time.

  • A Chicago Piano Service Specialist will clean the soundboard, strings, keyboard, action, action cavity, cabinet, plate, tuning pin area and more.
  • Hammer felts are vacuumed, brushed and sometimes filed to restore a clean surface.
  • Light rust is removed from treble string surfaces.
  • The soundboard is cleaned with a gentle solution and soft cloths are inserted between the strings to gain access to these hard-to-reach areas.
  • The tuning pin area is carefully brushed with soft bristles and vacuumed. The keyboard and action are removed from grand pianos to expose the inner keybed cavity where debris collects for years.
  • The entire area is vacuumed, brushed and thoroughly cleaned.
  • We can arrange to clean and polish the exterior cabinet.

Dirty pianos can pose a health risk, as common allergens collect for years including dust, mites, pet dander, smoke and mold. Some of these allergens become airborne as the piano is played. It is often possible to see these effects as hammers strike the strings.

FAQ: When Should My Piano Be Cleaned?
House repairs, remodeling, storages and other situations cause different needs for cleaning.  Plaster dust, debris from house damages due to leaks soot and other exposures necessitate more aggressive remediation.  In every case however cleaning should be done before the piano is tuned.