chicagoland’s finest piano technicians.

We tune, service, appraise, clean and repair Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha, Kawai, Chickering, Knabe, all major brands of pianos and more.

piano Tuning, Regulation, Appraisal, Maintenance and repair with care and attention to detail.

44 years of experience provide a dependable foundation of knowledge and skill for the services provided by Chicago Piano Service in Chicago, IL.

Jeffrey Cappelli, pianist-owner and founder of the Cappelli Institute of Music in Oak Park, IL and Chicago Piano Service is devoted to the art of piano and music education.

 Piano tuning and technical specialists at Chicago Piano Service are Registered Piano Technician members in The Piano Technicians Guild 

In Tune with Piano Care

Chicago Piano Service, Inc.

 Since 1980

Piano Tuning

Jeffrey Cappelli & CPS technicians are Registered Piano Technicians in the Piano Technician’s Guild Our RPT technicians are expert in piano tuning and service of all major piano brands.  We recommend twice-yearly tuning intervals for pianos in Chicago.

Piano Repairs

Piano parts replacement, piano leg, pedal-lyre, bench and cabinet repairs. Piano keyboard and action parts replacement. Piano string repairs. Piano moving damage evaluation. Piano keyboard repairs and piano keytop recovering.

Piano Regulation

Piano regulation improves touch and tone. Regulation is the fine adjustment and synchronization of the piano keyboard and interrelated moving parts in the piano action and the piano hammer system.

Piano Voicing

Improve sound quality, clarity and tonal focus. Even-piano-tone is the perfect compliment to a well-regulated piano action. Piano hammer shaping, needle voicing and hammer-felt firming techniques enhance the tone of your piano.

Piano Cleaning

Piano cleaning and sanitizing.  Focus on common allergens: dust, debris, piano string corrosion, pet dander, smoke and soot removal.  Liquid spills cleaned. Ivory and plastic piano keys cleaned.  Piano action and keyframe cleaning.

Piano Valuation

Piano insurance coverage, casualty and loss and piano valuation. Piano sale value, family trust and piano estate valuations with written documentation.  Chicago Piano Service expert piano appraisal services are available locally and nationwide.

Insurance and Casualty / Loss Appraisal

It is quite common for pianos to be damaged in delivery, by natural disasters including large storms, lightning strikes, fire, water, smoke, vandalism and under many other adverse conditions.  We offer expert cleaning and repair, and provide solutions for pianos which require either total and complete restoration or disposing of following an adverse event.

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