Piano Valuation

Piano Valuation and Appraisal:

Piano Appraisal provides a concise knowledge of reasonable value for sales, insurance or gifting purposes and a thorough understanding of overall condition.

Included in the Chicago Piano Service evaluation is a condition report on major components including:

  • The cabinet, finish and hardware hardware.
  • Keyboard and action, keyframe, hammer system, repetitions, backchecks.
  • Belly, including soundboard, strings and bearing, pin block, dampers and damper system.
  • An examination of overall condition, structural integrity and serviceability.
  • Regulation of the action.  Our evaluation includes a document with a checklist regarding condition of all major components.  A summary and valuation is provided.

An appraised value is based on professional opinion and is not intended to be absolute. Although every piano may be considered on its individual merits, other significant factors may include market value and values of similar pianos, age and condition, and opinions from other knowledgeable sources.

Jeff’s consultation saved me from making what would have been a very costly mistake.

J. Sommers

Libertyville, IL

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need a written appraisal, or is verbal sufficient:?

A: Written documentation is necessary for any kind of donation, estate planning, insurance or tax related appraisal.  A verbal appraisal of condition or value serves the purpose of helping an owner understand the condition or general value of their instrument.

Q: What kinds of things factor into my piano’s value:?

A: Brand, age, overall condition including exterior finish, condition of the soundboard, strings and tuning pin torque.  Condition of the action and components throughout including hammer wear. Market conditions also affect overall valuation.

Q: How can i learn more about my piano:?

A: Consultation with a qualified Registered Piano Technician who will spend the time necessary to go through your piano and share thoughts regarding the overall condition and ways in which to maintain your piano properly.   Suggestions may be offered regarding possible improvements at that time.

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