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Repairs & Restoration

Rebuilding and Restoration

Chicago Piano Service Inc. offers complete piano restoration, refinishing and piano rebuilding.
Our team of leading in house piano specialists is experienced in all aspects piano technology.
The Chicago Piano Restoration facility is conveniently located in Westmont, IL, a suburb nine miles west of the Chicago Loop. Please visit our Contact page for a link to Google Maps: Contact Us


Restoration Procedures Include:

Belly: Soundboard repair or replacement, new custom pinblock fitting and boring, damper felting, tuning pins and custom string replacement. Our soundboards either new or restored are varnished with high quality custom varnish and hand rubbed  to bring out a beautiful patina. The plate or harp is artistically gilded with a proprietary gold finish over an epoxy primer base and final-finished in clear acrylic. Hand lettering of the embossed letters of the plate completes this process.

Cabinet:  Repair and complete professional refinishing. We hand strip each piano and every part separately. In our shop there is no dipping or soaking of parts. Hand and machine sanding follow in preparation for custom stain or ebony finish. Veneer and case damages of all kinds are carefully repaired prior to staining. The finishing procedure includes application of wood grain filler, stain, sealer and fine lacquer coats. Our final finish is hand rubbed and known in the industry as a classic “piano finish”.

Keyboard and Action: Key recovering, ivory repair, keyframe felting and custom replacement of action parts including: wippens (repetitions), hammers, hammer shanks and flanges. Our parts come from renowned manufacturers such as Steinway & Sons, Renner, Abel , Mapes Piano String Co., Tokiwa and others.

Regulation & Voicing: Each piano is put through the process of preliminary, intermediate and final regulation and voicing. These are painstaking adjustments to each action part and hammer in order to realize the full potential of the piano as a musical instrument. Complete action regulation is a process that involves cleaning and bedding the keyframe, minimizing friction, establishing a best key height and key travel (dip), key squaring and spacing, hammer blow distance, alignment and vertical travel of all components of the wippen and hammer assemblies, hammer shape and density, adjustments of the repetition lever, jack, repetition spring, back check, let off, drop and after-touch assessment.  Damper regulation and timing is also a component of this cyclical process.

If interested in a shop tour or personal conversation regarding the work offered at the rebuilding facility, contact Jeff Cappelli at: or 708-771-8388.