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Specialized Repairs

Chicago Piano Service is often asked to repair:

  • Broken piano legs
  • Broken or torn pedal lyre or pedals
  • Missing pedal rods or pedal lyre braces
  • Water marks from vases, cups, mugs
  • Dog chewed or gnawed piano legs, pedal lyre or piano cabinet (often corners)
  • Cabinet dents, dings or chips
  • Chips to ivory or plastic keytops and missing natural or sharp keytops
  • Piano bench repair for loose or wobbly legs, bench inside bottom repair or top finish repair
  • Broken piano keys: often dislodged during moves due to a mis-adjusted or absent key upstop rail
  • Damaged or missing cabinet top and other hinges
  • Missing case or cabinet buttons or pulls
  • Other pet damages or spills to soundboard or cabinet including urine or spilled beverages
  • ……………and many other specialized repairs.

Chicago piano service offers complete keytop re-covering and ivory repair, key bushing replacement and more.  Many of these services are available as regulation or rebuilding options as well.

Call us or send digital images to: to initiate correspondence regarding repairs for these or other damages or existing condition.