How The Piano Works

Attention is often focused on piano components i.e. piano keys, the action , piano hammers, strings, soundboards and more when thinking about how the piano works and what the piano is supposed to do. In essence what interelated mechanisms of the piano eventually do is...

Squeaks, Creeks and Other Sounds

We often get calls to follow up on difficult to find noises. Today I was called to service a piano with a particularly interesting left, shift or una-corda pedal squeak noise which happened as the pedal was depressed. The source for noises is often not at the most...

Did you know?

Steinway & SonsSteinway & Sons still bends the inner and outer rim of their grand pianos by hand at the Steinway factory in Astoria Queens New York. In a method used for over a century, 18 layers of hard rock maple, each 22? in length are glued together then...

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