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And The Birds Sang

(a small piece published years ago in the Chicago Chapter PTG Monthly Newsletter “Wippenpost”. This offered just for fun)… “I have noticed that birds often like to accompany the sounds of tuning with their own song. Some of our studio rooms in Oak Park face a tree lined parkway. Shortly after getting into a routine […]

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Sound Advise

About voicing: It is the last step of regulation and in large part a consequence of proper regulation procedures from start to finish. If voicing is the end result of an exhaustive process then we should look at everything that precedes the use of liquid hardeners, solvents or needles in our best efforts to produce […]

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How Climatic Changes Affect the Piano

The piano is extremely sensitive to climatic changes. In a sense the piano is a living thing. This because much of the construction of a fine piano is of wood. Woods remain hygroscopic long after they are not “living” or after being made into something beautiful like furniture or a piano. In my hundred plus […]

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How The Piano Works

Attention is often focused on piano components i.e. piano keys, the action , piano hammers, strings, soundboards and more when thinking about how the piano works and what the piano is supposed to do. In essence what interelated mechanisms of the piano eventually do is move air. The modern piano is but a large mechanism […]

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Squeaks, Creeks and Other Sounds

We often get calls to follow up on difficult to find noises. Today I was called to service a piano with a particularly interesting left, shift or una-corda pedal squeak noise which happened as the pedal was depressed. The source for noises is often not at the most obvious location. For instance, I find that […]

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